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TianaME Choirs

  Carmichael Christmas Choir

     This choir forms seasonally under the direction of Christiana Quick-Cleveland, to sing Christmas Carols in the Carmichael area.  Registration begins on November 1st.  There is one orientation session before Thanksgiving, and four 2-hour rehearsals in early December.  The group then decides on dates for 2 to 3 caroling outings.     

     Carols are prepared in 3 and 4-part harmony, and offered in a variety of settings:  care and rehabilitation centers, neighborhoods, parking lots, street corners, stores, Christmas parties, events  - eliciting smiles, warming hearts, and sharing our precious capacity for connection. 

December 2015 Caroling Itinerary

Saturday, December 12: 11:45 am to 4 pm

     11:45 am       Bel Air (on Manzanita, in Carmichael)

       1:15 pm       At the "T" in Carmichael (intersection of Manzanita & Fair Oaks Blvd)

       2:45 pm       Windsor El Camino Care Center, 2540 Carmichael Way

Friday, December 18:  4:45 - 8 pm

       4:45 pm       Walmart Shopping Center (Watt and El Camino)

       5:30 pm       Restaurant Hop

                                  Lido's Bakery and Cafe - 7907 Fair Oaks Blvd

                                  Pasquale's Italian Pizzeria - 7907 Fair Oaks Blvd

                                  Denny's Restaurant - 7433 Fair Oaks Blvd

       7:30 pm       Parking lot for Chautauqua Playhouse, 5325 Engle Rd

Sunday, December 20:  2:45 to 6 pm

       2:45 pm       Whitney Oaks Care Center, 3529 Walnut Ave

       4:00 pm       At the "T" in Carmichael (intersection of Manzanita & Fair Oaks Blvd)

       5:15 pm       Safeway Shopping Center, (on Manzanita, in Carmichael)


       Singers With HART

     Part of the "Creative Aging Choral Initiative" -  an arts education program administered through the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Ethel MacLeod Hart Senior Center - this choir is for singers 50 years old or older.

     Rehearsals are weekly on Friday mornings, where participants learn how to create beautiful harmony together and share that music in concert offerings to the community.

Register through the HART Senior Center - (916) 808-5462

Director:  Christiana Quick-Cleveland    *    Ass't Director:  Catherine Fagiolo   *    Accompanist:  Isaac Smith

Join Singers With HART on Friday, December 18th for

"Tis the Season":  Hart Holiday Concert and Sing-a-long

Time:  1 - 2 pm                                                      

Place:  Hart Senior Center, 915 27th Street, Sacramento

Tickets: Free, but limited.  Call for tickets in advance - (916) 808-5462

Manitos - the hispanic group at the HART Center - will also be sharing holiday songs.