A Center for Singing

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In Europe, in the time of Mozart and before,

the arts were supported by 
wealthy  patrons, 
(the Medicis, the House of Esterhazy).

       In the US, in the 20th Century

the arts were supported by 
wealthy patrons,
(the Rockefellers, the Guggenheims).


in the US, 
in the 21st Century, 
we have experienced how great an impact many small donors can have.

Become “one of the many” in support of community music-making. 
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Community Patron of the Performing Arts

     We invite you to partner with us in our endeavor to facilitate artistic musical expression in and around Sacramento. Together, we can foster good will, good feelings, and good health through the creative power of music.

     Please consider making a donation of any amount, either a one-time contribution, or a monthly pledge.