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Cleveland Singing Studio - Program Overview

This is a 9-month vocal development program which includes both private singing lessons and group sessions starting in September and ending in May. Each private lesson is one hour in length. 10 private lessons are scheduled during the fall session,and 15 private lessons in the spring session. All singing lessons are taught by Christiana Quick-Cleveland.

The overall progression of the year is to start with vocal hygiene to prepare the singing instrument; then proceed to vocal technique to build the foundation of how to play the singing instrument; and to finish artistically with how to communicate with the instrument in vocal presentation.

Vocal Hygiene: How to use the singing organization in ways that maximize the health and balance of the individual structures; increasing their strength, stamina, flexibility, and ability to articulate, in order to produce a clear, resonant singing tone.

Vocal Technique: To bring consciousness to how you sound the singing organization so that it can be used artistically as an instrument of song.

Vocal Presentation: Understanding the personal and social dynamics around communicating with song.

Each student progresses through these three phases in an individual rhythm, but all will arrive in the last phase by April.

Group Sessions

We gather together as a group periodically throughout the year. These sessions will vary in length and focus, and are a required part of the program. They will be scheduled so that everyone can attend.

Studio Gathering – This is where students meet each other and the group begins to form through conversation, vocal exercises, and our first plunge into ensemble music.

Seminars – These all-day sessions provide relevant background information supportive of your development as a singer.

Carmichael Christmas Choir – After the private singing lessons in the fall have finished, the choir setting provides students with the opportunity to try out developing skills while exploring harmony in a relaxed and joyful environment.

Other Activities

Recording Session – Students are scheduled with the accompanist for 1 hour to make a practice recording of the repertoire they are developing.

Spring Field Trip – Students attend a vocal concert event together to share perspectives and insights, and to be inspired toward the Closing Celebration.

Closing the Year

Our work together closes in May with an event called the “Studio Closing Celebration”; this is where friends and family are invited to witness the fruits of your vocal journey. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN PUBLIC EVENT. It is strictly “by invitation only”, and a guest list will be prepared in advance. Preparation for this event includes individual rehearsal time with the accompanist and a full event run-through the day before.

Studio Closing Celebration 2012

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