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Seminars for Singers

Every year, I choose a new topic to research and offer as a seminar for students of singing.

In 2012, the topic was breathing.

The January Seminar was entitled: Breathing: The Science and The Mystery.

The Fall Seminar in the same year was entitled: Breathing into Song.

In 2013, the topic is rhythm.

The January Seminar was entitled: Singing in the Groove.

I will elaborate on the relationship between rhythm and singing in the Fall Seminar 2013.

Registration for the seminar will open September 1, 2013.

You can register online or by calling me at 916-765-6537.

Private Voice Consultations

The consultation consists of 3 one-hour singing lessons.

It is designed to accommodate anyone who is interested in learning more about their voice, but who is not yet ready make a longer commitment to study.

Over the course of the three sessions, you will improve in your ability to sound your voice and you will gain a strategy for taking care of and developing the sound quality of your voice further.

1st Session: I will listen and evaluate, and share with you what I hear in your singing voice.

2nd Session: I will explore your singing voice with simple songs and exercises.

3rd Session: I will recommend exercises for you; teaching you how to do them properly and giving you a CD to facilitate your home practice.

Consultation Fee: $150

Call to arrange for your sessions.

Ongoing Classes

Fall 2013

Music Fundamentals

Weekly in October and November. Dates and time will be announced in August. Register online or call.

TaKeTiNa Practice Group

Monthly on Sunday afternoons. Start date and time will be announced in August. Register online or call

Why study with Christiana?

"I consider myself an experienced choir/chorus singer. From 4th grade on through high school, plus a year of college, I was in choir. I loved to sing and I loved chorus, and I had wonderful, memorable experiences throughout all of those years. Nothing, however, compares to singing under the direction of Christiana. Without piano, without notation, we were made to just listen, and do. By any experienced ears, we probably sounded inexperienced and off-key. My personal experience was spiritual and moving. I have never felt that way singing "Swing Lo', Sweet Chariot." When Christiana told us that "In the Winter" was Mozart, it suddenly made total sense - the difficult intervals, the sudden changes from long, monotone notes to swiftly moving up and down the scale. That most difficult piece instantly became my favorite. Since those nine glorious singing sessions, those pieces she taught us, with both humor and a demand for excellence, have been stuck in my head... And I am constantly considering how I can apply what I learned to working with my third graders. The big "aha" is that one can do great things with the human voice alone. Yes, using percussion instruments, even just rhythm sticks, is joyous fun, but an enthusiastic teacher with 27 or so students can be amazing with just voices as instruments."

Student from the Public School Institute Program at Rudolf Steiner College



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