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The baseline for tuition cost is $30/hour for each private lesson. There are 10 private lessons scheduled for each student during the fall session, and 15 private lessons in the spring session. Expenses for group and other activities are then added to this baseline, varying with each session.

Tuition cost for 2012 Fall Session

Private lessons

Group Activities


+ 65




Group activities included in the tuition cost for the fall session are:

Fall Seminar

Studio Gathering

Christmas Caroling Choir

Tuition cost for 2013 Spring Session

Private lessons

Group Activities

Other Activities







Group activities included in tuition cost for the spring session are:

January Seminar

Studio Sharings 1 and 2

Spring field trip (ticket price, if any, not included)

Closing Celebration run-through

Studio Closing Celebration 

Other activities included in tuition cost are:

Recording session with accompanist (1hour)

Individual rehearsal with accompanist (1hour)

Payment Options

Students can pay for an entire session at the beginning of the session, or can pay monthly at the first lesson of the month. I will accept payment in cash, or with a check. All checks should be made out to Tiana Music Enterprises.



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