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"It was beautiful, moving, inspiring, heart-opening, tear duct opening. Thank God we sing together in person and can't do it electronically."

"Lots of feelings! Yes! People will hear about this - full house next time! - Yet: tonight the whole place was truly full. A thousand thanks to all of you."

"A wonderful blending of familiar & exotic tunes, uplifting as well as deep and profoundly human! Thank you for involving the audience so actively and artistically. We were sometimes 'stretched' and it felt goo to strive together in community. You all are re-capturing the art of community music and song while still highlighting the special individual talents of your ensemble. Bravo! Thank you for a warm, inspiring evening!"

"What a simply LOVELY experience. The energy and presence of the chalice group and musicians was cohesive, yet flexible and human. Your poetry performances were stunning and riveting. The sing-a-longs were uplifting (we CAN do this!) I loved your selection of material, some of it familiar, other not. But even the familiar held new meaning... The Mary sequence...simply lovely...Being served water was nice. Being served cookies was nice...Up to your usual standards of novel material...Can't wait for the next 'concert!"

"It was a smashing evening! Your monologues were very thought-provoking and fit so well with the music before and aft. The choir members seemed to be having a lot of fun, which communicated itself to us in the audience. All-in-all it was a stunning show. Thank you for letting us be a part of the performance."

"A night to remember. Thank you. My expectations were nowhere near what I experienced. The entire 'cast' was a group with lots of heart!"



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